Big Freeze – Check your Buildings and Home Insurance

Big Freeze – Check your Buildings and Home Insurance

    Big Freeze – Check your Buildings and Home Insurance

    Online buildings insurance advice centre is advising clients, particularly those who may own a second home, are currently working way or are away on holiday, to get a friend or neighbour to check their properties for burst pipes.

    Water Damage is the number one claim at this time of the year. after a week of sub zero temperatures, now as the freeze subsides is the time that most damage occurs when the water pressure is allowed to build up. Home Insurance companies across the country are currently inundated with claims related to last weeks big freeze.

    You can avoid a lot of extra damage to your buildings and contents if you take a few precautions regarding frozen pipes.

    Get the pipe properly lagged
    Uninsulated pipes exposed to freezing temperatures can cause water to freeze inside them.This can result in burst pipes once the water thaws so make sure all pipes particularly external ones are lagged.
    Make sure tanks and pipes within the loft are in good condition and well lagged.
    If going away for work or holidays during the winter months maintain gas and electric central heatings at a low to moderate level.
    In the event of a burst pipe, turn off the mains water stopcock.
    Its advisable to know the location of this beforehand but itis quite often found underneath the sink, in the bathroom,below the stairs or possibly low down or in a cellar.
    If your own water supply is pumped up from a well or ground, switch the sytem off until you have checked the ice level.

    Make sure your Home Insurance has provision for both burst pipes and other big freeze contingency covers. Many of the best home insurance companies have 24 Hour Household Emergency Helplines who will be able to help with all thing plumbing related. Check your policy document to make sure your existing home insurance covers all these risks and if it doesn’t we advise you to shop around as there are some great deals to be had in the UK Home Insurance market at the current time, including many offering free or half price contents cover
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