Dangerous sports travel insurance

Dangerous sports travel insurance
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    Those of you who are working in Insurance in the UK might remember those ‘crazy claims’ stories and cartoons in the Insurance Press.

    You know the sort ” I was proceeding down meadow lane at 25mph when an elephant jumped over a bush……….”

    Well, here at Insurance Blogger part of our network has been collecting Internet leads for specialist insurance schemes for over ten years now.

    During that time we have been asked to find insurance for some incredible artifacts, property and business employers liability insurance for some incredible professions.

    We’ve usually managed to help.

    In fact I’m going to publish some of them on this blog every now and then.

    However there have always been certain things that you couldn’t find cover for.

    One in particular that springs to mind was this crazy amazing base jumper (he’d done loads of buildings) who wanted travel insurance for base jumping in New Zealand.

    We tried really hard to find him cover but in those days no one was offering dangerous sports travel insurance.

    dangerous sports travel insurance

    So it was refreshing to see that Sportscover direct are offering travel insurance and other cover for nearly all sorts of dangerous sports and holidays including snowboarding travel insurance and skiing and abseiling cover.

     travel insurance

    They cover virtually every type of sport within which clubs, players, teams, coaches and managers can all be individually insured for accident, liability and personal and commercial insurance. Whats more you can insure kids as well!

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